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Lifecycle ManagementFrom procurement and kitting/staging to recycling and end-of-life, on the customer’s behalf.

Cost Optimization: Starting with carrier plan negotiations and device financing. Eliminate the confusion around rate plans, discounts, and device costs

Automation: Faster processing times, ease of use and data visibility across services. This allows administrators to access real-time performance  

Predictable TCO: All the necessary ingredients for stable TCO. Including support, staging and kitting, recycling, expense management & more.

MDaaS: The Managed Mobility Service You've Long Awaited

Sakon's MDaaS simplifies your mobility environment, freeing up valuable cash & time for your organization

Mobile Usage Analysis

Mobile Plan Analysis

 Analyze the mobile voice, data and messaging usage across multiple dimensions. The analysis can be done across domestic and International usage, usage by vendor and also the level of different usage details shown

Analyze Monthly recurring Plan costs. The Plan MRC (Monthly Recurring Costs) can be filtered by Vendor, Plan category and Charge Details

Outlying Mobile Users

Identify outlying users across the previous 6 months of invoices. The users are divided by average spend,  total spend, international spend, domestic overage, and zero use.

See Every Piece Of Mobility Activity In One Management Platform

Enterprise Challenges

Hidden Costs

There are many hidden costs in mobile programs that can bloat budgets and cause them to spiral out of control

Significant Upfront Costs

Significant upfront costs to purchase new devices

Increased Complexity

Carrier plans continue to grow more complex. Upgrade cycles happen more often and devices come in more forms.

Demanding Workforce

New workers are demanding a more consumer-like set of technologies and experiences

Sakon's Solution: Mobile Device As A Service

 From unexpected device repairs to upgrading smartphones on uneven cycles throughout the year, MDaaS removes complexity, freeing the enterprise’s internal experts to add more value while giving organizations something that has long eluded them – the power of a predictable total cost of ownership

Sakon's Mobile App

See how the Sakon Mobile App can help improve the experience of your end users. It helps manage BYOD users stipend payments and increases self-service access to helpdesk support. You're going to like this!

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