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Network Services: Manage network costs along with complete lifecycle management tools to manage and optimize your network.

Mobility & IoT Management: Manage your mobile fleet, across carriers, geographies, and device types, and enable complete lifecycle management services.

Expense Management: Automate invoice acquisition, validation, and payment while driving deep cost savings

Sourcing & Transformation: Evaluate the ROI of network transformation and manage the transition from one network to another.

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Quick Product Overview

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Mobility & IOT

Network Services

  • Capture and maintain a usable network portfolio in one place
  • Reduce telecommunication services costs
  • Efficiently manage large network transformations

Expense Management

  • Validate communication invoices prior to payment
  • Automate invoice payments to vendors
  • Modernize chargeback and recovery of telecom expenses

The Sakon Platform: Organize, Manage, & Evolve Your Communication Network

  • Maintain real-time inventory of mobile portfolio
  • Enable employees with improved self-service tools
  • Reduce mobility services costs by 20%
  • Automate your mobility helpdesk

Insights & Intelligence

  • Interactive dashboards, widgets and reports
  • Obtain key metrics to drive improved management
  • Turn siloed information into actionable data

Enterprise Challenges

Hidden Costs

There are many hidden costs in mobile programs that can bloat budgets and cause them to spiral out of control

Significant Upfront Costs

Significant upfront costs to purchase new devices

Increased Complexity

Carrier plans continue to grow more complex. Upgrade cycles happen more often and devices come in more forms.

Demanding Workforce

New workers are demanding a more consumer-like set of technologies and experiences

Sakon's Solution: A Single Unified Platform

From TEM to Enterprise Mobility to SaaS, Sakon positions you to know and manage your network in a way that reduces cost increases insight and optimizes enterprise performance.

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